Team USA 2012 Update Day 1

Welcome to the first daily update for Team USA at the 2012 Youth G8&G20 Summit in Washington, D.C. at The George Washington University. Please continue to come back to the website everyday for more news and updates about the home team as they get further into negotiations at this very important youth event!

Day 1 was filled with ceremony and caucusing, with a little pomp and circumstance to boot. This was the day where each of the delegations were formally introduced and the Summit was officially opened.

The day started off with breakfast at Funger Hall at GW, where members of Team USA were able to meet their counterparts from around the world in both the G8 and G20 Committees. Excitement for negotiations to begin only grew as each of the team members discovered how much passion and enthusiasm their counterparts were bringing to each of the topics on the agenda.

Pomp and Circumstance was abound in the Opening Ceremonies that followed, where each of the delegations were introduced by the YADL Secretariat, and each delegation demonstrated the immense pride and patriotism in having the honor and opportunity to be able to represent their country that all of the members of Team USA share as well. The ceremony was topped off by an inspiring speech from Gary Barnabo, President of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, who detailed what the next generation of leaders will need in order to tackle some of the world’s toughest problems.

After another captivating panel featuring representatives from USAID and the State Department, delegates headed into Regional Caucuses. Team USA profited greatly from this time to be able to meet their fellow counterparts from Canada, Brazil, and most especially their co-hosts from Mexico. Policies and positions were discussed and debated, laying a solid foundation for regional cooperation in negotiations throughout the week.

Finally, the time arrived for Team USA to enter into introductory meetings with their entire committees. Here the agenda for the week was prioritized and ordered, some debates smoother than others. However, in true American fashion, each member of Team USA pulled through in achieving the end goal of setting up the debate schedule for the week. To celebrate this, every committee (including the Press Corps and the Sherpas) went out for dinner at different restaurants around the city. It was a great end to a great day of introductions and caucusing, demonstrating that this will be a wonderful week of debate here in Washington!


Enjoy these pictures below, and look out for more coming soon!

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