New Positions at YADL

As part of YADL’s transformation, president and CEO Carlos Reyes has announced new positions at the organization.”This is an exciting time for YADL. After careful assessment, I decided to restructure the organization to allow for its current work to continue but also to allow for growth,” Reyes said.

Three departments are being created: external affairs, operations, and programs. Each department will be led by a vice president, reporting directly to Reyes. This team will manage and oversee the various functional director positions and assist Reyes in executing YADL’s mission.


  • The Vice President for External Affairs will oversee the external affairs department and ensure YADL’s brand and communications are consistent and high-quality. This person will also maintain our relationships with our various partners, manage our website, and oversee recruitment for any delegates representing YADL.
    • Communications Director — responsible for telling YADL’s story through our social media accounts and print materials through content creation and dissemination including maintaining relationships with the press. This position reports to the VP for External Affairs.
    • Engagement Director — responsible for nationwide recruitment of delegates representing YADL. This position will oversee application intake and review and conduct interviews and selection as well as maintain relationships with alumni. This position reports to the VP for external affairs.


  • The Vice President for Operations will oversee the operations department and ensure YADL remains compliant with all national, state, and local requirements for non-profit status. This person will also develop YADL’s annual budget, oversee the annual audit process, manage YADL’s accounts, and co-sign contracts on YADL’s behalf.
    • Development Director — responsible for YADL’s fundraising efforts from corporate and foundation outreach, individual and online giving campaigns, and government grants. This position reports to the VP for Operations.
    • Finance Director — responsible for YADL’s finance and accounting practices and will maintain and coordinate YADL’s budget and assist with the annual audit. This position reports to the VP for Operations.


  • The Vice President for Programs will oversee the programs department and ensure YADL’s programs, including experiential learning opportunities and exchanges, are properly executed on time and on budget. This person will oversee training for any delegates representing YADL.
    • Policy Director — responsible for researching and ensuring YADL’s programs are relevant and aligned with American policy priorities and providing substantive background information to delegates representing YADL. This position reports to the VP for programs.
    • Events and Exchanges Director — responsible for organizing and executing events that promote YADL’s programs in our target markets as well as oversee all logistics associated with exchanges and other YADL activities abroad. This position reports to the VP for programs.

Every position is a volunteer role: there is NO pay.  It is difficult to estimate how much time investment each position will require. Some director roles have periods of intensity (engagement, policy, events and exchanges) while other director roles (policy, finance, communications, development) and all three vice presidential roles will require a sustained commitment.

Reyes is confident that continued growth will establish YADL as the preeminent organization for engaging young professionals in the United States in high-level experiential learning opportunities and substantive exchange programs. This will lead to more resources.


Applicants are expected to discern carefully about their options. YADL will only be successful if the organization has the right team of talent investing the necessary time into the organization.

Please send a cover letter and resume to A cover letter should include:

  • The position for which you are applying
  • What experiences qualify you for this role
  • A detailed overview of how you plan to execute your role
  • Any personal or professional commitments that will impact your involvement with YADL
  • A brief elaboration on your ability to work remotely and willingness to, on occasion, travel to Washington for meetings
  • For positions in the operations department: please create a mock budget for the organization that is realistic. Assume we have only $10,000 in funds but still aspire to execute our signature program: selecting, training, and sending the American delegation to the G8 & G20 Youth Summits.

For vice presidential roles the deadline to apply is 11:59pm on Friday, July 27th. Interviews will take place the week of July 30th. Decisions will be made by August 3rd. Successful candidates will be installed on August 6th.

For director roles the deadline to apply is 11:59pm on Friday, August 10th. Interviews will take place the week of August 13th. Decisions will be made by August 17th. Successful candidates will be installed on August 20th.