YADL’S New Programs Team Announced


Washington, DC – Young Americans for Diplomatic Leadership’s Vice President for Programs, Michael Karno, has named two directors to work with him in overseeing the organization’s policy and research work as well as event development and exchange management.

Mr. Sean Mirski of Naperville, Illinois, is Director of Policy and Research. He is responsible for ensuring the organization’s programs are relevant and aligned with American foreign policy priorities and preparing YADL’s program participants on policy matters.  Mirksi will also oversee YADL’s policy publications.

Ms. Caitlin Pharo of New York, New York, is Director of Events and Exchanges. She is responsible for organizing and executing events that promote YADL’s programs in the organization’s target markets. Pharo will also oversee and manage all logistics associated with exchanges and other YADL activities abroad.

Together, the new programs team will move quickly to set a new strategic direction for the department that builds upon YADL’s successful first year and allows for sustained growth.