What is the Y8 ?

The Y8 is a civil society conference that convenes students and young professionals from G8 and G20 countries for one week each year to develop policy solutions to current global challenges.

What is the purpose of the Y8?

The Y8 aims to propose innovative solutions to global challenges within the context of the G8 process. Furthermore, the Y8 seeks to raise awareness of the G8a and to foster an environment where delegates from different academic, cultural, professional, and political backgrounds can discuss varying points of view and reach consensus through negotiations.

What is the result of the Y8?

For three days, delegates will engage in substantive negotiations with their international counterparts. Negotiations are intensive exercises deliberately designed to challenge delegates as they grapple with global challenges. Each working group’s product is then reviewed and integrated into a broader communiqué. The communiqué will be circulated to the G8 governments after the Y8. Read last year’s communiqué here.

Who participates in the Y8?

Current undergraduate and graduate students as well as young professionals from G8 countries participate in the Y8. Delegates assume roles while representing their countries and employ the informal, consensus-based methods of negotiation adopted by the G8. Delegates engage with diplomats, journalists, public officials, thought leaders, and private sector executives throughout the Y8.

Who can apply for the American delegation?

To be eligible, applicants must be US citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 and possess a current US passport. Both undergraduate and graduate students and young professionals interested in international affairs and diplomacy, with strong communication skills and a passion for global issues, are encouraged to apply for the delegation.

What positions are available?

The following positions are available:

President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Attorney General, USAID Administrator, EPA Administrator, Chief of Staff, and Press Secretary.

What is the cost of participating?

The delegate fee for this year’s Y8 is $800. This includes delegate materials, accommodations, breakfast and lunch daily, and transportation within London. This does NOT include airfare. YADL expects to have scholarships available.

What is the commitment?

YADL expects its delegates to be available for weekly conference calls and via e-mail as they formulate their policy proposals and negotiating strategy. YADL will host a mandatory delegation training weekend in Washington, DC in late spring 2013 as well. Of course, delegates are expected to be available for and to participate actively in the Y8.

What happens at the Y8?

For a more thorough explanation of the Y8 please visit the overview page and learn more about the project by visiting the history page.

When is the deadline to apply?

Friday, January 25, 2013 at 11:59pm EST.

Only successful candidates will be contacted for an interview and asked to submit a résumé and writing sample.

Please direct any questions to Mr. Abhi Goyal, Director of Engagement, at applications@yadlusa.org.