Frances Holuba

FHOLUBA Headshot

Ms. Holuba’s fiery enthusiasm and creative approach to problem solving has launched her into civil service and social change.  After five years at the White House, Frances recently took a new role with POLITICO as the Director of Social Enterprise, crafting insightful solutions, strategies and partnerships with foundations, nonprofit organizations and purpose driven companies incorporating corporate social responsibility into their mission.  Finally, there is a dynamic platform for the countless stories of real people who are shaping global public policy through philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.

During her time at the White House, she served as a strategic millennial voice for the office Global Engagement Office at the White House balancing a series of initiatives that the President placed as a priority for global engagement priorities as well as an advancement in U.S. Public Diplomacy Issues.

Prior to the White House, Ashoka, Innovators for the Public, snagged Ms. Holuba to collaborate on their pilot program Changemakers, where she worked on coordinating global competitions sourcing the best ideas in social change for potential corporate partners. This foundation lends valuable insight into for her strong talent for emerging technologies, messaging, and public relations.

Ms. Holuba graduated cum laude from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Philosophy, Policy and Law, an interdisciplinary major encouraging intensive study of the connections between political philosophy and legal theory, legal thought and historical change, law and public policy.

Inspired by her studies and international development projects in Ghana, Italy, Spain, and Belize, international policy and social entrepreneurship have remained the forefront of her budding career.