Marisa DeAngelis

Marisa DeAngelis (1)

Marisa is an analyst at the International Finance Corporation based in Yangon, Myanmar promoting financial inclusion across the country. Over the past two years, she has been working with start-ups, microfinance institutions, and local banks to develop creative ways to use mobile technology, such as smartphones, to connect more people in remote areas with financial products like loans and savings.

Outside of the office, Marisa enjoys traveling around Myanmar, sampling local cuisines, hiking to golden stupa-topped peaks, and attempting to take National Geographic-worthy photographs. She recently volunteered with the organizing committee of the first independent TED conference in Myanmar, TEDxInyaLake. She is also the founding president of the Georgetown Club of Myanmar which boasts membership of more than 35 Hoyas.

Marisa was previously based in Washington, D.C. at Albright Stonebridge Group, a global strategic advisory firm. In this role, she advised multinational companies in emerging markets and conducted economic and political analysis on trending issues. She earned a BSFS from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in 2011 with honors in International Business Diplomacy. Starting this fall, she will be based in Cambridge, Massachusetts pursuing an MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management.