Y8 Overview

The Y8 is a civil society conferences that convene students and young professionals from G8 countries for one week each year to develop policy solutions to current global challenges. Delegates assume roles while representing their countries and adopt the consensus-based methods of negotiation used by the G8.

The Y8 will be taking place June 24-28, 2013 in London, United Kingdom. After arriving, delegates will participate in the opening ceremony and have the opportunity to interact with invited high-profile speakers from government, the private sector, and the NGO  and academic communities. Delegates will then participate in an orientation session reviewing the policies and procedures of the various working groups.

Then for three days, delegates will engage in substantive negotiations with their international counterparts. Delegates will break only for meals and to coordinate policy and strategy within their national delegations and with allies. Negotiations are intensive exercises deliberately designed to challenge delegates as they grapple with global challenges. Each working group’s product is then reviewed and integrated into a broader communiqué. The communiqué will be circulated to the G8 governments after the Y8. Read last year’s communiqué here.

Delegates will have the opportunity to meet and work with emerging leaders from around the world. Structured sightseeing in London and team-building opportunities before the Y8 will foster a unique collaborative environment that is both professional and respectful. At the conclusion of the negotiations, delegates participate in a closing ceremony and press conference as well as a gala at a distinguished venue.

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