Mission Statement

YADL empowers young leaders through global programs that provide access and exposure to international relations.

Vision Statement

YADL aspires to be the preeminent organization for meaningful and impactful young professional engagement in international relations. YADL strives to build a global community of young professionals committed to service.

Program Pillars

YADL strives to fulfill its mission and vision by organizing its programs through three pillars that advance its animating purpose and core values.

  1. Global Convening Platform | Connecting young leaders worldwide through strategic partnerships with the civic, public, and private sectors.
  2. Experiential Learning Opportunities | Immersing young professionals as active participants in the global community’s leading meetings, conferences, and summits.
  3. Innovative Policy Incubator |  Providing young professionals with opportunities to develop, publish, and promote substantive policy commentary on global challenges.